Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I did it. I survived. I didn't die or throw up or have a panic attack and you know I feel kind of okay. SIKE AF. I feel more than okay, I feel on top of the world. I walked into that class and sat in my seat and not gonna lie I never felt more like throwing up. But I didn't. I zoomed through the multiple choice in about 53 minutes leaving me 2 minutes to go back to the ones I had skipped and tidy up my bubbles which looked like zig zags. Some people were stressing about how they didn't finish or thought it was a little hard, but I thought it was pretty easy. (Side note: This exam was not in any way easy. If you just want to take the exam, you're gonna fail. TBH. NGL.) After that, we had a 10 minute break and those were the shortest 600 seconds of my life. Then we all piled up into the classroom and stepped into our desks that were exactly 3 feet apart to take the essay portion of our exam. And I killed it. I made those essays my PERSONAL slave. College board has nothing on me. COME AT ME BRO. I finished and then went back to Farkas's class and ate my weight in bagels, yogurt, and grapes. Then the next day I did it all over again. 

This is just a reminder that you can do this. I almost gave up multiple times and I'm pretty sure I did at one point. But you have to keep looking forward. You have to believe in yourself. Just like Mr. Panton believes in us.

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