Monday, May 4, 2015

Easy Peasy

Why can't every class be like AP Human? Honestly. It's challenging just like every AP class but its manageable. I can walk in there and know I'm going to pass this test and know without a doubt in my mind that I'm going to pass the AP exam.

Mr. Hayduk likes to give us unit tests on vocab. 100 questions, 60 minutes, matching. It's hard and yes you have to put some effort in and study but if you do then you'll see the results. Simple as that. But with other classes, specifically AP World, you can put in all the time in the world and study like there's no tomorrow but guess what it still probably won't pay off. That's the most frustrating feeling in the world.

If every class were like AP human life would be a breeze. Does Mr. Hayduk intimidate the crap out of me? Yes. Do I sometimes get stressed out? Yes. Is it somewhat time consuming? Yes. Do I feel like giving up 24/7? NO! I feel like I can do this and that im not worthless or an idiot. And everyone needs that uplifting feeling especially right after walking out of a class that makes me feel all of those things and more.

The point is, forget AP world and rock on AP human. 

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