Monday, May 4, 2015

A Little Something-Something

As I was sitting in a yearbook classroom filled with bright minds, I was approached by one in particular. We had met before, hung out a bit, and here we were again. The student wanted to share something with me, and I'm now sharing it with you. Enjoy.

                     What is life?

What are cars
What are clothes 
What is Mars 
What are toes
What is color
What is art
What is humor
What is start
I couldn't tell you what start is but I know it is a thing. Just another thing in this life of things and it is what I had to do at the beginning of this thing
But what is a thing you ask?
I don't think I could tell you what a thing is if I tried but I know I felt something when my best friend had died. 
Something deep down in my heart which appeared when I received the news which led me to consume myself in drugs & booze
What is pain
What is love 
What is disdain
What is above 
What are drugs 
What is booze
What are hugs 
What is a bruise
How do we know what is what 
It is truly a pain in the butt 
But we always figure out a way because without these things we would have nothing to say.  
The uncertainty is unreal but words is something one must feel 
Because words are power
Words are trust
Words are sour
Words are lust 
Words are a must
Words are wisdom
Words are strong 
Words are freedom 
Words are wrong 
Yet again words are always right because without words there would be nothing in sight. 
We would not be able to describe, express, inscribe, impress
Words are life but then again life is just a word and so is word. 
So what gives words these qualities they obtain, there is no real answer 
In anyone's brain.
But to me words are insane and 
They pack more punch than a speeding freight train. 
Because without words I would be nothing. 
Just a grain of sand on this fucking beach with no more importance than a god damn leach. 
Words let me reach 
Words make me big
Words are my niche 
Words can break me like a twig 
Because words are bigger than I'll ever be and they can't be used without a fee

Because life is a word 
And words are my life

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  1. Thanks for this long sonnet/ poem/ masterpiece, Michelle. This was quite interesting. Cute title btw!