Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Palmetto's On Crack

So with the stress of all the AP exams coming up, I understand that people may be a little out of their minds and don't know how to handle things. But seems to be that the entire population of Miami Palmetto Senior High School has turned to fighting each other.

This past week I've seen more fights that I have in my entire life. These fights have been extremely physical and totally dangerous and always end up in these catastrophic results and everybody seems to just stand there and watch. I will never be able to understand how people can cheer other people on that are hurting each other and just stand there and watch and record and not do anything about it. Some people say that it's the "bystander effect"  where everybody thinks that someone else will jump in and do something about it so they just sit back and watch. But I know that this isn't the case. Everybody would rather get together and they might as well just whip out some popcorn because they're watching this as if it's a movie and it's not the lives of two or more actual human beings that are being destroyed in front of their own eyes. Not only are you physically causing harm to another human being that could cause permanent damage, but you're also messing up their lives because they could have to take an AP exam or take an end of course exam or just finish school and they have to finish strong but because you decided to go fight each other over something so petty and stupid that could have resolved another way or just watch them and let them fight and hurt each other, you're not allowing the other person or the people involved to succeed in life. You are literally stopping them from achieving whatever they want to achieve because I promise you that their entire goal in life is not to beat up a kid or to have you watch them beat up a kid or get beaten up.

Nothing disgusts me more than to see the people that I know show videos of other people getting beaten up or say "oh yeah I took this, it was so live" or have them upload it onto their Snapchat story and be proud that they're there witnessing this moment or even worse, worrying about the people fighting scratching your car when they're slamming each others bodies because in their little brains, they think will make history but in reality it will only make history in a negative way. All of these fights that keep coming up at Palmetto will only make everything stricter and will probably end up with severely hurting someone and nothing good come out of them.

As Derek Shepard used to say, "It's a great day to save lives." If  you are ever in the position that you're witnessing a fight or you know that if a fight's going to happen, do something about it and don't just go and watch. Just like you can pick up your phone to press record you can pick up the phone to call someone or call 911 or just knock some sense into them.

See what some Palmetto students have to say about what's going down:


  1. I totally agree with you on this post. I've also begun to notice the horrible increase in school fights lately. They are always over something stupid and it disgusts me. Really love your blog, btw. Keep up the good work.

  2. Fight have been really increasing lately, I'm guess it's the heat.