Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm Back.

So it's the 20 15–20 16 school year and I can say from now that this school year has not been anything like what I expected it to be. My AP classes are definitely easier, but my sense of the need to get amazing grades is so much higher that I feel under stress 24/7. This year I embark on two new APs roads which are AP art history and AP seminar. 
So far AP art history with Ms. Falagan has been a roller coaster to say the least. I ended the first quarter with an 89% and a feeling in my stomach that I wanted to die. Not only would Ms. Falagan not bump me up to a 90 which may I add is only 1% higher but the difference between an A and a B. She said "it's because of all the shit I give you".  The class though, is very interesting. I've always been interested in art and learning about it really blends everything together and makes it all makes sense. 
My other AP class (AP seminar) is an absolute joke. I sit in the class every day and wonder what am I doing with my life. I do not have the slightest  idea what the purpose of this cours is and I don't really understand what we're doing half the time. Everything that we do seems so pointless that I feel like throwing myself into the wall. My teacher is a cute little old man with really cool accessories, including any earing.  Although I like his appearance and his personality, his need to rant for over 30 minutes about an irrelevant topic is so blood  curdling that I would rather be back in AP world history.  
But on a brighter note, I feel like my AP exams this year it will be fairly easy. That is of course if Ms. Falagan decides not to retire in January because she's getting surgery since we give her ulcers and are ultimately killing her.  By the way those are her words not mine.  
I hope everyone else started off to an amazing year because God knows I have not. 

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